Compared to other companies slimspots never used an out of the box solution like Voluum or other third party tools. Every single row of code is done by our technical department with focus on flexibility and scalability. Due to that we are able to react easily and quickly on the needs of advertisers and publishers but also changes on the marketing landscape. The heart of slimspots is our optimizing algorithm which is putting the performance marketing space to the next level. The algorithm is based on the latest invention on machine learning like Google or TensorFlow. With every new click, lead, install, sale and so on the system is gaining knowledge for improving performance on his own. We think that a mixture between active and supervised learning is the key of success on delivering advertisements.

As one of the first networks slimspots is providing the most possible data for his users with an inspection data of 22 dimensions deep. This makes our algorithm able to adjust the delivery fast and reliable to the received traffic with historical and current data.

This puts us in the position that we can deliver a lot of info for our users which helps publishers and mediabuyers to maximize their revenue – and also for advertisers this detailed analyzing is paying off as they can look down to adspace level how productive the received traffic is for them.