Fraud is a topic which is getting bigger and bigger and it´s causing a lot of damage to advertisers. We view with concern that the amount of traffic on various sources is increasing and big fraud publishers are getting more and more advanced which makes it more challenging to detect it.

We launched a major update on the system to prevent that fraud is even happening. The traffic is getting analysed by several aspects like IPs, UserAgents and several more. In case that a click is getting marked as fraud it doesn´t even reach the advertiser´s product anymore. As a consequence of this the advertiser is receiving less traffic which is saving a lot of costs – for example for HasOffers or Cake advertisers – and the traffic he is receiving is much more clean so the advertiser is able to work more detailed with the traffic he is getting. At the bottom line if´s boosting the entire performance of our advertiser campaigns and gaining a higher ROI as before.

Constantly we are improving our fraud detection cause also the fraudulent publishers are getting more and more advanced which will make it more complicated to catch them. So we have to stay focused on this topic.

For the future slimspots is planing to arrange a Plattform where networks can share the experiences with specific Publishers and other Data cause fraud is a topic that matters for all online marketers and we think, that even if the networks are competitors, they have to stay united against it.