As a webmaster you already know the Situation. You build up your site, you are receiving organic traffic on it – especially mobile – and you want to monetize it. But how to do so? Of course Banner are an option but it converts less as a redirect. So you might think about placing a redirect but that one is infecting your ranking on Google as Goole says „Mobile first!“. So what to do then?

Slimspots got the answer for you. We offer a 3G redirect script which isn´t getting punished by Google. A redirect? Yes you got right but with our solution only the valuable 3G Users are getting redirected to an Offer of our advertisers – as usual in our System – according to GEO, Device and several other aspects.
The regular WIFI user will still reach your regular website where you can make him convert with other regular Ads but the useful 3G User is going straight to the offer.

So don´t be concerned about monetizing as much of your mobile Traffic as possible. Take the advantage of our 3G redirect solution by now, don´t loose your rankings and earn the most out of your mobile Traffic.

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